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The rea­son for the sea­son is pleasin’

tmlJane is about the amazingest girl you could ever hope to meet, ever. She is a climb every moun­tain kind of woman, even though she leaves the house about as much as I do, but you know, we’re of the same mind, those great kinds what done think alike. Now she’s got­ten with the get­ting and moved over to Blogger, where The Modern Logpromises to be the rea­son for the sea­son and all those to come. Now if I can just stop mak­ing a mess of it with my inabil­ity to post com­ments with­out look­ing like a retard. Me and Blogger need to make up, he’s a lit­tle touchy after I left him for MT back here. Me me me blah blah blah! Anyway, I replaced Janest with a lit­tle TML grafik down in the blogs list now, so yay, go see it! Yay!

2 comments to The rea­son for the sea­son is pleasin’

  • Ooh! I am so happy excited! Also, with your Blogger trou­bles. It seems that it isn’t just you, as my brother (who jumped ship along with me) couldn’t make a pro­file either. They are hav­ing pro­file trou­bles I guess. So maybe it is now all fixed. Actually maybe I should have just checked all your nice new mes­sages before I wrote this, eh?

  • Kim

    Yay! I got it to work now. I just assumed it hated me, like with every­thing. More yay!!!