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And vodka puts my mouth in gear

sesamekeysSo! Yesterday (or I guess I should say Thursday) the Mr. and I went out shop­ping for presents for these kids who are turn­ing 1, because we’re invited to a party for 1-​year-​old twins. That’s totally our crowd, obvi­ously. But any­way, we ended up find­ing the great­est presents ever and quite frankly we would really like to keep them for our­selves. They’re sets of Sesame Street car keys on big fake electronic-​car-​alarm-​type key­chains, and you press one but­ton and it makes the squeaky “alarm on” noise, then another but­ton has Fun Honking Horn Noises and the last one you press and you get like Ernie say­ing “Let’s roll! VROOM!” or what­ever. Oh yeah, and crap lights up too. The arm-​alarm and horn but­tons are arguably the best, espe­cially when you are try­ing to get around stu­pid slow peo­ple clog­ging up the aisles at Toys R Us. It’s going to be painful to let them go, but at least we can be happy with our choice of gift for 1-​year-​olds, and how often does that hap­pen.
When I was search­ing for a pic­ture, I saw a list­ing for a “Sesame Street mesh bag” but I read it as “Sesame Street meth bag.” I bet those actu­ally exist. If not, I’m cer­tain there is a mar­ket for them.
After that we went to Beverages & More, which is appar­ently known as “BevMo,” in search of Sofia Minis, but sadly they were nowhere to be found. We did, how­ever, invest in a giant vat of Southern Comfort, a bot­tle of Campari and a bunch of lit­tle old sodas like Moxie and Frostie Cherry Limeade~~ and what­not. I’m drink­ing Campari and orange now and it’s tak­ing me back to the days when I would be on antibi­otics and I would actu­ally care about not drink­ing alco­hol at the same time, so I’d get Campari drinks. As if they weren’t alco­hol. That was before I just gave up and drank “actual” booze any­way because hon­estly, what was the point of try­ing to not be sick if you can’t drink alco­hol? That wis­dom has served me well to this day. No, really.
Holy crap, VH1 Classic is show­ing the Belle Stars’ “Sign of the Times” video. I’m awestruck.

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