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I’m the place to be

P6230001So one very saucy and sexxxay soul sent us a box of Sofia Minis that arrived today and we are still so giddy over it. We haven’t opened them yet but they’re beau­ti­ful and sur­pris­ingly hefty. I’m going to have to see if we have any straws in the house because it’s very impor­tant that in the event that I drink sparkling wine out of a can (and that event will hap­pen soon), it’s gotta be through a straw. That lady with the presents, she’s pretty hot stuff. If you click on the pic­ture, you’ll get a sweet shot of the inside of our fridge. That big brown bag is our left­overs from tonight’s din­ner. (Fried rice and chicken in gar­lic sauce.) (Delicious.) Check out that pork shoul­der, it’ll prob­a­bly take another week for it to thaw. I still don’t know what I’m gonna do with it. I’m sure Martha will give me some inspi­ra­tion.
Anyway, it’s good we got these here bev­er­ages that are engi­neered For the Spontaneous Celebration! because they’re going to help us spon­ta­neously cel­e­brate our move. We’re mov­ing. Moving to Minnesota! We’ve got a hot place lined up and every­thing. So I think we’ve got about a month left in California and then voop we’ll be over there. I won’t even need to get a new dri­vers license. This whole thing is a way for me to dodge hav­ing to get a CA license, you see. Hahahahaha I kid! No really. Not really? No really.

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  • Kim

    Give It to You” by Jordan Knight

  • pieman

    Wow. That’s a lot of pork.
    And Minnesota, too? Do you both have jobs lined up? Best wishes to both of you.

  • OMG! Even that El Fano got some for myself! Not minis (that is too fun and great for me) but a nice lit­tle bot­tle! I am happy. I will drink it tomor­row and toast your big move!
    PS If you told me of this move last year, I would prob­a­bly think, “:|” because if I hadn’t ever seen that MN is awe­some and fun and great. So now I say “:D“