so ...


Sofia Minis come with their own lit­tle straws. Their own lit­tle baby bendy straws in a match­ing red. I’m hav­ing a cute­ness attack. I want to drink these all the time, every day. (Note: We have not opened a can yet, but we did finally open the box to peek.) Click to enlarge below. DEVELOPING!

3 comments to BREAKING NEWS

  • Did you have them yet? You will when you have them! How does it work, do you drink them before or after I get a sweet­est thank you note? Because I got it!

  • Oh. My. God. Right this minute, on NY1 they are show­ing a NY Living report for how to be awe­some for a sum­mer party and they have Minis and the sound­track to Valley Girl. Whoa.

  • Kim

    Oh! I need to do my follow-​up report because we did have them! (We did when we had them!) Half of them before we sent the card. I’ve been in a post-​Mini haze of hap­pi­ness, hence no blog­ging. There is an inno­va­tion in straw tech­nol­ogy and I must inform the peo­ple. P.S. NY1 should have told me they were at my house, I didn’t give per­mis­sion to take pictures.