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Here’s a toast to you and me

So last week we broke open two of the Sofia Minis and drank them dur­ing Aqua Teen reruns. I think it might have even been right after I made my last post. Also, we ate the match­ing choco­lates. Everything was pretty great! So great that I’m like, I can’t even begin to talk about it. But the Sofia is indeed sur­pris­ingly deli­cious, espe­cially con­sid­er­ing that it’s in a can for good­ness sake. And that you drink it through a straw, which is really the best part, because then it hits you like, whoa. I like to think I haven’t recov­ered from it until now.
I kept the can on my desk because I needed to take pic­tures that illus­trate this amaz­ing inno­va­tion in straw tech­nol­ogy, which is that not only do the Sofia Mini straws coor­di­nate with the can’s design, but they are also tele­scop­ing straws. They even lock in place. It’s crazy. Witness fore and aft pic­tures on my messy desk below! (Click to enlarge.)
Dude it’s frickin’ awe­some and I’m like 8-​)
Maybe these tele­scop­ing straws are old hat and have been sold with juice boxes for years or some­thing, but I wouldn’t know this. All I know is that I’m awe­somely impressed at their awe­some outrageousness.

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