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I’m dream­ing, but I feel tired

P6300001Look at my new lit­tle pal! We need to come up with a good name for him, although I keep call­ing him Schmoopy. I’m not sure it befits him, since that’s also what we call my folks’ cat. Anyway, the Mr. was a big imp and went and ordered him when I wasn’t look­ing. It’s refur­bished so it’s not like he went COMPLETELY insane or any­thing. But I’m glad it got here in time as I’m head­ing to MN in about a week and a half to get acquainted with the new place, and this way I can bring back some video recon­nais­sance.

We had our first wave of movers come through today for esti­mates and they all tell us the same thing, that this is like a record amount of crap stuffed into a 2BR apart­ment. Dudes, duh. It was a sur­pris­ingly drain­ing process. After they were done we headed out to get miniDV tapes, a FireWire cable for the new cam­era, a new bat­tery pack for the kitchen cord­less phone (which decided to die at a really inop­por­tune time), plus lunch — sam­miches from Togo’s and Slurpees, which we enjoyed dur­ing “Passions” of course. I also for­got to men­tion that the Mr. left his card in the ATM, which sort of took a lit­tle energy out of us. Then I just crashed at about 4 p.m. and didn’t wake up for another seven hours.
I look around at all the stuff and I just want to fall over. Remind me not to unpack any­thing once we get there, because we’re just going to move it again when we find a house … even­tu­ally. The good news is that when I come back from my factfind­ing mis­sion in a cou­ple weeks, it’ll all be packed up like magic! Right? Right? Hahahahaha ehhhh.
Did you watch the all-“Oz” cast episode of “The Jury”? We have it on tape. I’ll have to talk about that show later because right now I need to focusssssss.

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  • Kim

    Dreaming From the Waist” by the Who

  • Aaron Z.

    This reminds me… I have a cord­less phone that is extra. Did you guys want that? It’s got a brand new bat­tery in it… it’s only 900 MHz but other than that it’s fine.
    I have to send you a box of crap any­way… so I can just toss it in with that.
    Let me know :)

  • I love your lit­tle pal! He is a cutie. My one like him was named Scooty, but I never could remem­ber why. Also, I think that I need to start watch­ing “The Jury” all the time now, if it always has where it tells you the real story at the end all flash­back like.