You are the judges too

Jane said: I think that I need to start watch­ing “The Jury” all the time now, if it always has where it tells you the real story at the end all flash­back like.
Yes yes and yes, that is totally what is what gets me with that show.
When they first started show­ing the com­mer­cials for “The Jury,” Chris was all, “Hey, we need to watch that,” and I was all, “Eew,” because despite the Tom Fontana/​Barry Levinson pedi­gree it looked plod­ding and deadly and I was end­lessly dis­turbed by the pres­ence of model-​turned-​actress Shalom Harlow.
So we watched the show and I was like, “This is plod­ding and deadly,” because you don’t really get to know the so-​called “reg­u­lar” char­ac­ters, who are whichever staff hap­pen to be involved in the case. Excepting the clumsy “Getting to know the staff” inter­ludes which are about as appeal­ing as the cur­rent Burger King ad cam­paign, and I hate that Burger King ad cam­paign. Aside from that, the first fully-​formed opin­ion I had about it was that I really really really hated that pseudo-​hipster pseudo-​nerd bailiff, and that’s got­ten expo­nen­tially worse with each episode. I truly actively hate him and want some­one to run through the cour­t­house with a gun and kill him in the face.
Now, even with all my sit­ting around and rolling my eyes about it, I have dis­cov­ered that I am a lit­tle obsessed with the show. It’s totally the com­pet­i­tive “Who’ll get it right?” ele­ment of the sto­ry­telling, with the actual crime revealed at the end. It’s even worse than “CSI,” because “CSI” is engi­neered to swerve you — when I watch it I’m just try­ing to fore­see all the swerves. Same with “Without a Trace,” a.k.a. “The Enrique Murciano Finds Lost People Hour.” But on “The Jury,” the out­come — “the truth” rather than “the deci­sion,” I guess — could totally be obvi­ous and straight­for­ward, but because the attor­neys and the jurors are throw­ing out all these crazy insane pos­si­bil­i­ties that could all totally be taken seri­ously, you could just as eas­ily be swayed from what you think in your gut is right. And you really don’t want to guess wrong in what’s basi­cally a 50–50 shot at being right. Right? It’s inge­nious.
They’re on the verge of get­ting canned if this report is any indi­ca­tion, so maybe they should kill off the bailiff and hire more “Oz” peo­ple to give it a shot in the butt. Jon Seda was look­ing good, man, who knew?

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