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No hay banda


I know, I know, I’ve been out of it. Anyway, we signed the papers for the movers dur­ing the day and it’s a done deal, we’re out of here on … the 26th? I think? Holy moly.
I wish I could tell you excit­ing tales of won­der and amaze­ment but we’re too busy try­ing to pack, or at least think­ing about try­ing to pack. Maybe we’ve man­aged to pack maybe 10 boxes so far? I dunno. We’ve actu­ally been doing a lot of unpack­ing of old boxes that haven’t been opened, throw­ing stuff away, reor­ga­niz­ing them, con­sol­i­dat­ing stuff into other boxes, what­ever. I’m try­ing not to make any of this need­lessly com­pli­cated, but I tend to over­think things like this.
Since I’ve been so neglect­ful, here are 10 ran­dom obser­va­tional item-​type things.
1) Every time Alton Brown says “flat­ten your ball” on the “Good Eats” pizza episode, I snicker.
2) I threw away all my post-​college issues of Spin and Rolling Stone, or so I thought.
3) I dis­cov­ered a bunch of them yes­ter­day in a box that hadn’t been opened in five years.
4) I threw them away.
5) They mag­i­cally became un-​thrown-​away when I wasn’t look­ing.
6) Since he’s been on vaca­tion, I miss “Imus in the Morning” on MSNBC like a crazy per­son.
7) I hate my blogue cat­e­gories and should prob­a­bly change them some­day, or at least cut ‘em in half and … uh … recat­e­go­rize them.
8) My col­lec­tion of the Kinks on CD sure leaves a lot to be desired (Soap Opera, Preservation Act 1, Preservation Act 2, Come Dancing).
9) I mean, I like those albums and every­thing, I’d just like to have MORE.
10) I need tranquilizers.

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