8051 songs, 25.6 days, 36.3 GB

Because there are so many other things I should be doing right now, here’s a list of all the songs on the iPod. This fea­ture threat­ens to be updated on occasion.

3 comments to 8051 songs, 25.6 days, 36.3 GB

  • pieman

    Good freakin’ Lord! Eight thou­sand songs!!
    Love the Nick Heyward stuff.
    Tons and tons of Kraftwerk and Gary Lewis!
    I didn’t real­ize Claudine Longet actu­ally made that many songs.
    And do you have every Manfred Mann tune possible?

  • Eeeeee! This is so excit­ing and fun to read.

  • PS I know you are away from home (and yet home!) right now, but I have to say some­thing while I remem­ber it which is that the World’s Most Erotic Twins were on “Blow Out” (Blow Dry? Blow Up? Blow Me?) last week. Whoo!