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Not a cig­a­rette was seen

smokeyEncouraging bet­ter smok­ing eti­quette — a much more effec­tive guilt-​inducer than those “Welcome to Crazyworld” ads that make me want to go out and huff entire car­tons of cig­a­rettes around, say, nurs­eries and hos­pi­tals and pup­pies and kit­tens. (Maybe not kit­tens.) These cater directly to my inner insane con­trol freak. (I can just hear Chris say­ing “What do you mean ‘inner’?” Oh ho ho ho ho.) I’m also a sucker for picto peo­ple and cars and hooty owls and oh man, I can’t stop read­ing them. Now if only some­one would make a series of these to illus­trate how to prop­erly wait in a line, I’d think some­one was liv­ing inside my head. (Thanks kung​-foo​.tv.)

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