so ...

I’ve seen it before

Just got back from KARAOKE! Here’s what I did.

  • “Cold as Ice” (Foreigner)
  • “Work to Do” (Vanessa Williams version)
  • “Plush” (Stone Temple Pilots)
  • “Xanadu” (Olivia Newton-​John)
Work to Do” was a total dis­as­ter, despite my abil­ity to recall the rap (which was pro­vided on the sound­track but not onscreen) rhymed “frank­furter” with “shot­put­ter.” It was such a dis­as­ter, I was throw­ing in ad-​libs about Radio Shack and Rick Fox. Never do that one, ever. That is my advice to you. You know I rocked the STP and the ONJ though.
That’s all, I need water and sleep­ing for tomor­row I do laundry.

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