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Sell every­thing you stand for

Hi! You might have noticed that I got into the iTunes affil­i­ate pro­gram, right. Which is awe­some and I love it. But I just can’t bring myself to link to iTMS stuff in the course of daily blog action, as it feels so very wrong and out of place.

See, I like link­ing to stuff, all kinds of stuff, fun stuff even, and I don’t want you to wind up think­ing, “Oh, I’m not going to click on that link because she may be try­ing to sell me some­thing” and oh, the nerve. Not that I’m try­ing to sell you any­thing. I’m really not! Honest!!! I’m just try­ing to point out things that could result in the awe­some­ness and hap­pi­ness of awe­some and happy liv­ing. And God. And the Bible.
Like, I could link to stuff for sale other places on the Web, right, and I cer­tainly have with no dam­age to my con­science what­so­ever, but I feel uncom­fort­able link­ing to stuff where the sale of that stuff might result in me get­ting a tiny bit of pocket change in return. This is clearly why I have no money, ever. Because I have shame. SHAME, peo­ple. I know that if I could some­how con­vert my Emitt Rhodes search vis­i­tors into pen­nies, I would have a nice pile of cof­fee money. (I drink a lot of cof­fee.) But I’m not some­one who would ever write some­thing like, “I can’t believe what Britney Spears did yes­ter­day!” where the link is to buy a remix or some­thing. You know me bet­ter than that. Yes you do.
Doing consumer-​y stuff that could result in my being rewarded by the sale of goods and ser­vices, that’d be like bring­ing you here under false pre­tenses. And false pre­tenses are wrong, no mat­ter what Theresa Lopez-​Fitzgerald says. That’s why I give you Recommended by Ruby Trax — because one under-​updated blog is sim­ply NOT ENOUGH.

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