so ...

In a yel­low taxi turn to me and smile

Oh! Tonight was karaōke. WHAT ON EARTH DIDDO.

  • “Deacon Blues” (Steely Dan)
  • “Fly to the Angels” (Slaughter)
  • “The Way” (Fastball)
Slaughter could have been bet­ter. Steely, I don’t think it could have been bet­ter if I was D. Fagan him­self. Fastball, I’ve done it before, so yeah.
My brother did “Kashmir,” it was flip­ping insane.
I’m ter­ri­bly sleep deprived. I’m sure Mark Slaughter would rec­om­mend I get more sleep next time I attempt his most mag­nif­i­cent work of art. (And I’m going to do it again. Oh yeah. It was HOT.)

3 comments to In a yel­low taxi turn to me and smile

  • Kim

    Steppin’ Out” by Joe Jackson

  • I have to cry now to have missed “Fly to the Angels.” I vaguely remem­ber singing this in some drunken/​waiting-​frustration induced mania. At Maxwells? As part of a long and deranged med­ley? Whatever, I should have been there to see that.

  • Kim

    That was one of the for­ma­tive expe­ri­ences of my life, Maxwells. I pray there were secret cam­eras tap­ing that some­where to cap­ture your genius for all eter­nity.
    I wanted to save FTTA for you, but I need a lit­tle prac­tice. Now if only they had “Give It to Me Good.”