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Five awe­some things

Raw” is on and I’ve got a new Enquirer wait­ing for me (Britney’s drug dealer tells all!) so I’ll just be quick about it.

  • I finally saw Shattered Glass the other night. It was really good! Was it a hor­ror movie? Practically every­thing about it gave me the creeps. He’s ask­ing to see some­body in his OFFICE! I fid­geted through the entire thing. Oh no! He’s gotta go home and get his NOTES! AHHHH! Anakin Skywalker is really a decent actor when he’s not Anakin Skywalker. I enjoyed his accent. I was also happy to see the girl from Heavenly Creatures who wasn’t Kate Winslet. Recommended!

  • AT&T Wireless has finally clinched my con­tin­u­ing loy­alty with this, because every time I look at my dusty old neglected Motorola Talkabout I want to cry. Now I just have to hope they’ll let me renew my 917 num­ber here, and then I’ll keep lov­ing them for­ever.

  • I love how much it rains here, and how that rain waters my plants and makes them happy, and then it makes me happy. YAY

  • Gedney State Fair Editions: the world’s great­est inno­va­tion in pick­les and pre­serves. I mean it.

  • Chris and I went to the Minnesota Zoo yes­ter­day with my folks and it was the funnest fun time. They had two tiger babies and they just kept rolling around and gnaw­ing on one another and were just the unbe­liev­ably cutest things ever. I want one! Maybe I’ll just go there all the time and watch them and pre­tend they’re my pet tiger babies. That way I won’t have to feed them or get sick of them or wind up grue­somely mauled.

2 comments to Five awe­some things

  • Oh my God. We spent an hour and a half on the phone with AT&T Wireless, and there was scream­ing. It’s a long story, but I think I might tell it in the Modern Log if my brother doesn’t. I love that toy, but I hope you never have to call them ever.
    PS Tiger babies, eeeeee!

  • Kim

    Oh no oh no I hate that story!!! Maybe now that they are bought by Cingular Wireless, it was the same Cingular Wireless per­son that I was on the phone with last year, where there was scream­ing.
    The tiger babies, oh my God. They are so lit­tle, yet they have the biggest feet.