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Phony phone phone

So against what will prob­a­bly turn out to have been my bet­ter judg­ment, I went ahead and switched from AT&T Digital One Rate to AT&T GSM National, or what­ever. People across this great nation of ours really seem to hate it, but all the reviews I’ve read of it locally have been really pos­i­tive. Also, I’ve always got­ten good recep­tion off of AT&T around here in places where my Sprint and Verizon-​carrying fam­ily mem­bers get like none, so we’ll see.
I’m Forever Nokia’s Girl so I got one of these. My poor ancient 3360 has been act­ing up ever since I, uh, dropped it on the con­crete repeat­edly the day we were get­ting moved out of California, break­ing it into two, three and six dif­fer­ent pieces each time. It still works, but it’s just a lit­tle angry at me. I’m going to miss my bitchin’ pais­ley cover though. Thank good­ness this new phone has switch­able cov­ers (XPRESS-​ON!) — I don’t know what I’d do with­out them. And no cam­era or video or any of that crap. It does have excit­ing FLASHING LIGHTS how­ever.
I did the whole thing online since I abhor hav­ing to inter­act with actual humans. I hope that won’t turn out to be a Big Mistake. I’ve been a cus­tomer since 1999 and I’ve been month-​to-​month for over a year. You’d think that would inspire them to give me a big fat incen­tive or some­thing. Oh well. It’s incen­tive enough that I’ll be pay­ing $20 less per month for the same minutes/​free roaming/​free long dis­tance as I was get­ting before with free night and week­end min­utes on top of that.
Of course, maybe I’ll wind up hat­ing GSM and giv­ing it back before my 30-​day trial is up.
Or maybe they’ll decide to kill off my 917 num­ber and give me a local one with­out warn­ing me first.
And maybe they’ll keep charg­ing me for two dif­fer­ent plans in the mean­time. Or for­ever.
OK, now I’m worried.

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