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If you gotta go, it’s all right

Whoa. It’s 43º out. It’s been this way for hours. When did this hap­pen? It was 70º yes­ter­day, and it was rain­ing like crazy today. I’m gonna have to bring the plants in tonight or else they’ll be flash-​frozen.
So hey guess what? I got my new phone and my new OGO. Ogooooooooooo. Everything works beau­ti­fully. Bless you AT&T Wireless. It’s like a lovely mir­a­cle. I’ve been spend­ing the last few hours get­ting every­thing acti­vated and SIM-​carded and inputting my con­tacts and all that. You know what I love is not hav­ing to input all my old work con­tacts into any­thing any­more. That, too, is like a lovely mir­a­cle.
Why am I cursed to love gad­gets so much. It’s ter­ri­ble. A quick look around my desk and I see my Palm Tungsten, my dig­i­tal cam­era, my Ogo, my new phone, the iPod and the DV cam­era. And a sweet Pablo Pardo desk lamp that I swear I got a good price on, I swear I swear I swear. It matches my eMac. How could I not get it?
So any­way, I need to get locked up for a while, at least until I make enough money to sup­port my bad habits. On a related note, did you know that eLux­ury is sell­ing Pucci now? Is some­one out there try­ing to kill me?
I’m eat­ing Froot Loops out of the box. I can’t stop it. I think I’ll go play with my Ogo for a while and try to calm down. Ogoooooooooooo

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