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One Year

So yes­ter­day, October 4, was our first anniver­sary. Yay!
We spent the week­end doing more work around the house and watch­ing “The Office.” I tried to not get sick, because it got really cold around here. I had to bring the plants in and every­thing. We turned the heat on. It was wacky. Now it’s going to be, like, 80º tomor­row. What? Exactly.
So then, the anniver­sary. There was rem­i­nisc­ing. We got mar­ried in Minneapolis, and then we moved to Minneapolis? Crazy. I love it. It also means it’s been a year since I’ve seen my friends. That’s a dif­fer­ent kind of crazy, but we’ll fix that.
Oh! We had the most awe­some din­ner at Kikugawa. Apparently we got the same thing Hideki Matsui gets. Maybe he’ll be there in a few days, har har. I drank a girly cock­tail and then two bot­tles of hot sake. Then we came home and ate a tiny tiny bit of our wed­ding cake. It had been hid­ing out in my grandmother’s freezer all this time. It held up sur­pris­ingly well — other than a lit­tle freez­ery taste to the but­ter­cream, it was pretty darn good for year-​old cake. I’ve tasted worse fresh ones. That’s a weird-​looking sen­tence.
Tonight I think we’re actu­ally going to fire up the “s’mores maker” we got as a wed­ding present. It’s basi­cally a pu-​pu plat­ter table Hibachi on a lazy Susan with fon­due forks. (Sterno not included.) We’ve got all the fix­ings ready to go. Quick, before it’s 80º again.
I love Christopher. He is the best. The best of the best. I’m very lucky. Lucky and happy.

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