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All-​night shows in summertime

I’m sorry, Brad, did I wake you?
miller_media_2004_1<-click to enlarge->miller_media_2004_2
I can’t imag­ine what kind of rough night he must have had to show up at media day look­ing like that. Maybe he over­slept because he thought school pic­ture day was on the fourth, like for every team other than the Kings and the Rockets? These were taken on October 1, since they had to leave all early for a pre­sea­son exhi­bi­tion in China. Anyway, I can’t decide if this is a step back from or an improve­ment over his “trimmed my bangs with a nail scis­sors” look from media day last year. Let’s call it a draw. Doesn’t he remem­ber how cute he looks when he shaves his head? Honestly.
Far more aes­thet­i­cally palat­able are these pic­tures from the Getta Cue char­ity dealie:
Oh my God. Those pic­tures make me feel funny.
In other excit­ing devel­op­ments, I’ve dis­cov­ered that the Kings brought on Greg Ostertag not as a replace­ment for Vlade per se, but as a backup for Brad, who’s appar­ently a real live starter this year (in Vlade’s absence):
I think it’s gonna be a good show! Thanks, Comcast, for decid­ing to start a cen­tral CA sports chan­nel this year. Dicks.

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