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Soon I’ll hear old winter’s song

The painter has finally come to paint our stair­way. This is a very excit­ing devel­op­ment. In the duplex we have a big, big stair­well lead­ing from the front door up to our apart­ment, and we have it all to our­selves. This means we have a great expanse of wall space for hang­ing things, not the least of which is a giant wood-​framed beveled mir­ror that we got from my mom and dad and which is cur­rently tak­ing up a ton of space in a box on our porch. I can’t wait to finally get that up. I can’t wait I can’t wait.
Now if only I was rolling in the chips, I could get a bunch of my one-​sheets restored and backed with linen like I’ve been itch­ing to do for years, and then we could hang those up there too. My folks are in good with the local shop. I’m dying to get my Compulsion and Blonde Bait posters shored up. Can you believe Posteritati is charg­ing $350 for their Compulsion one-​sheet? WTF, they are out of their gourds. I paid $20. Good gra­cious.
There was a KSTP news truck out at the end of our block today. Turns out they did a live remote to talk about Dutch elm and how there are still almost 5,000 trees that need to be taken down. One of those trees is in front of our house. The giant beau­ti­ful place at the end of the block has three, I think. That’s where they were broad­cast­ing from. All the trees lin­ing the street in front of that house have orange rings painted around them. It’s so depress­ing. I remem­ber bring­ing home our lit­tle baby ever­green rose­mary tree a few weeks back, and the city was tak­ing an elm out of our neigh­bors’ back yard. I tried to shield it from the trauma while I brought it in the house, like I was try­ing to cover its eyes or some­thing. “Don’t look! It’ll be OK! Don’t look!” Poor lit­tle trees.
We orig­i­nally thought the news truck was on our block to show off the hot fall foliage we’ve sud­denly got rolling around here dur­ing the weather report, or what­ever, but alas, it was for far less happy rea­sons. I took a pic­ture through our porch win­dow to com­mem­o­rate it any­way. Pretty pretty pretty.

You could see Christopher’s car in the back­ground dur­ing the remote, inci­den­tally. Exciting! I should have waved out the win­dow or some­thing, but then I remem­ber how much I hate it when peo­ple do that. Yahoos.

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