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Big Chief rides on the trail tonight

This rev­e­la­tion will only be rel­e­vant to three other peo­ple on the planet, but it is EARTHSHATTERING: James Hyde was a backup dancer for Dead or Alive (via Dustin’s Passions Page). This is the most amaz­ing thing ever. His asso­ci­a­tion with “International Male” makes total per­fect sense now.
Oh wait, wait wait wait! WAIT! So I went to see if maybe I could find that pic­ture of him in his “plush lounger,” right, and I find out that it even SAYS this on his International Male page. It was RIGHT THERE ALL ALONG. I need to book­mark that site finally for real.
Why this was never revealed to me before, I have no idea. I feel a fog is lift­ing.
EDIT: Of course it’s not a “plush lounger,” it’s The Fleece Snuggler®. How could I forget?!

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