My dream­ing and my scheming

Hey I redesigned a lit­tle. The title dis­play still keeps com­ing up a lit­tle too slow for my lik­ing but it could be stuff I’m run­ning else­where on my com­puter. I’ll try it again. But if it takes a while to come up for you, let me know and I’ll F that B up.
You know what I want is one of these. Or maybe I’ll just get a card­board play­house like I got for Christmas when I was five? One of those Eames Management Chairs would spruce it up nicely. Although if I could afford one of those, I’m sure I could afford my own portable sound­proof office. Oh man. I’m gonna DREAM about it.
Karaōke last night. WHAT DID I DO. You bet I did it.

  • “Middle of the Road” (the Pretenders)
  • “You Better You Bet” (the Who)
  • “Time (Clock of the Heart)” (Culture Club)
That Culture Club song has a key change I totally for­got about and pro­ceeded to not make for the entire rest of the song.
The Sox/​Yankees game ended while my brother was singing “Karma Police.” Hmm.
I was up all night watch­ing “SCTV” Vol. 2 so now I think I’m ready to take a nap. BYE

4 comments to My dream­ing and my scheming

  • Kim

    In My Room” by les Garçons de la Plage

  • It loads exactly instantly for me, and it is very pretty.
    I don’t know much about karma (“like Karma Electra?”) but if those damned Red Sox win, I will have to move, as I live in the des­ig­nated Boston relo­ca­tion zone. And if there’s one thing worse than Yankee fans, etc.

  • PS How much would one of those MyRooms have come in handy at ol’ 1515?

  • Kim

    Relocation zone, aha­ha­hah! Oh no, I know it is not a joke, and I worry for you. This is one of those times I am so happy to no longer live in NYC, even if I had a MyRoom to hide in. P.S., I bet they were cre­ated by for­mer 1515ers.