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Flat broke but hey we do it in style


  • “You Get What You Give” (New Radicals)
That’s right. That’s it. That’s all I got to do tonight. Clearly I was being pun­ished. Clearly it is a con­spir­acy, clearly because at the end I said “GREGG ALEXANDER: THE FUTURE OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.” Threatened? Yep yep you know it. I think I’m going to do it AGAIN. And AGAIN and AGAIN. That’s right. Watch out you squares. Hahahaha.
(Take the above with at least one grain of salt, because I worked in an office that had at least one, if not at least two, copies of Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too in each and every give­away pile.)
(But seri­ously, I love that insipid lit­tle song.)
(And a lot of that album.)
(I do.)
I’m depressed that I didn’t get to do another song because I wanted to ded­i­cate it to the ugly-​ass androg­y­nous cou­ple that was DOING IT in the seat directly behind me. Thunder in the Valley Nick was laugh­ing and mak­ing the Universal Signal for “doing it” (index-finger-in-other-hand-“OK” sign) so I got totally grossed out and pro­ceeded to email Jane on my OGO, then clap loudly dur­ing Cayenne’s ren­di­tion of “On the Wings of Love” and then take my keyring out and jin­gle it like it was frig­ging sleigh bells right next to their heads. Then the wait­ress came out and shoved a bill in between their faces and yelled “WHO PAYS THIS TAB?!” I now love her for­ever.
It was an event­ful evening. Happy Birthday Sue!
Hey, you know some­thing?
Especially and most of all, Happy Birthday Jane. I wanted to do a song for you, and I was going to do a song for you, but they stopped me. You are missed. You are loved. You Are My Lady.

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