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To the oceans white with phở

CourtneySup nerds. I’ve been feel­ing a lit­tle bit too much like this lady on the left to write much in here lately. Let me tell you what is mak­ing me insane. Someone from my Former Place of Employment emailed me about doing some work, and since it was for a dif­fer­ent depart­ment from the one I used to work for, I delib­er­ated then decided, “OK, I will give this a shot.” It should not have been such a dif­fi­cult deci­sion for me to make, but guess what? They find a way to make me regret doing it any­way. And these aren’t even the peo­ple I expect to suck at all times! I gave them the ben­e­fit of the doubt! And they haven’t even given me any WORK yet. Let me map this out for you, because I care about clar­ity and organization.

  • Thursday, 10/​14: “Hi Kim, remem­ber me? I remem­ber you. Would you like to do some work?“
  • Friday, 10/​15: “Why of course, tell me all about it.“
  • Monday, 10/​18: Silence.
  • Tuesday, 10/​19: Silence.
  • Wednesday, 10/​20: “Hi this is Kim, please call me back and let me know if you got my response? OK great.“
  • Thursday, 10/​21: Silence.
  • Friday, 10/​22: “Hi Kim, I’m a com­pletely dif­fer­ent per­son, I under­stand you used to do some work for [depart­ment], please send me your resume.”
This is where I pause to rip my hair out for a sec­ond. I’m not even going to explain it. Rest assured that was not the approach that I expected nor deserved, but you know, appar­ently I seem to think I deserve more respect than oth­ers are will­ing to give me. It’s CRAZY, I know.
  • Sunday, 10/​24: “Hi, here is my resume, which will inform you that not only was I senior staff at [depart­ment] for over three years, but also Before Your Time I did this exact job you’re try­ing to fill for your exact depart­ment.” [Paraphrased.]
  • Monday, 10/​25 [am]: “Hi Kim, we have work, would you like it? Tell me your sched­ule. Yay.“
  • Monday, 10/​25 [pm]: “Sure, I’d love some work, here is my sched­ule, which is totally open. Yay.“
  • Tuesday, 10/​26: Silence.
  • Wednesday, 10/​27: Silence.
  • Thursday, 10/​28: Silence.
So you see why I might be a lit­tle frus­trated and not want­ing to be near my com­puter, ever, because all it does is not give me any infor­ma­tion about the work I’m sup­posed to be doing. Also, what­ever hap­pened to peo­ple pick­ing up the phone and call­ing other peo­ple? I know, I hate talk­ing on the phone too, but jeez, some­times it’s nec­es­sary. That’s what I did on the 20th, and I only had one full day’s silence before some­one got back to me. Results, baby.
I saw Shaun of the Dead. It’s adorable! The first hour was fan­tas­tic. The last half hour, it kind of fell apart and the tone shifted too far to “fight­ing zom­bies and fire and guns and explo­sions and gore” and lost the magic, I thought, but it’s still highly rec­om­mended. You could tell they were sort of sav­ing up all the gore shots for that one big dis­gust­ing part. That was kind of unnec­es­sary. Still, highly rec­om­mended! The record col­lec­tion fight scene, price­less. And Goblin’s theme from Zombi is still the best zom­bie music in the world. Every zom­bie movie should use it. Zombie zom­bie zom­bie.
Also tonight we saw John Cale. He’s adorable! I hadn’t seen him for ages. Oh! He was great. Also great that he was sup­port­ing such a great great album that made the show even greater. There are few things as delight­ful as watch­ing a 62-​year-​old man play a Flying V, and play it like he could use it to KILL PEOPLE. Oh! He’s just the best. I wish I could remem­ber the crazy time sig­na­ture he was using for “Leaving It Up to You” because it was hot. He did “Frozen Warnings” and also “Venus in Furs” (!!!) which was not only awe­some? But also great. Unfortunately it inspired some of the more learning-​disabled peo­ple to begin shout­ing out requests for other VU songs. Yes, I’m sure he’d love to play “Heroin” just for you. At the table next to us were Harold and Kumar, I swear, and they were so happy to hear every­thing that came off their prized Close Watch: An Introduction to John Cale, so much so that when “Cable Hogue” started up, Harold sud­denly con­tracted autism and began rock­ing vio­lently back and forth in his chair with total dis­re­gard for the laws of rhythm. I’d never see any­thing like it. And for “Cable Hogue,” even.
Afterward we went to Perkins and I had a ham and cheese omelette. The per­fect end to the evening. Now I can look for­ward to peo­ple con­tin­u­ing to not get back to me before the week­end. Delicious!

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  • Kim

    God Bless America” as per­formed by Grammy Award-​winning artist Scott Stapp

  • You are so awe­some to find the right phở o.
    Also, ARGH! And I hate that place with the hate of a thou­sand some­things. Argh! Argh! For you and for all. I started this new funny joke of not read­ing emails unless they are from KIA. When KIA (!!) is your only ally, and the only light of san­ity, it’s a bad bad place.
    Also, I am sorry that the Zombies peo­ple from Village Underground fol­lowed you to MN, but I am glad that you and Harold and Kumar had such a nice time! Omelettes are great. Like you!