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Who you talk­ing to?

JoshoSo old Josho was a mere stone’s throw away from us yes­ter­day doing that swing state celebrity crap. Someone must have real­ized that this par­tic­u­lar home­town boy is a far more appeal­ing spokesmodel than Captain Overexposed Ashton K, who was here last week being ANNOYING. “I’m a celebrity … DO WHAT I SAY. I’M AWESOME.” Whatever dude. Anyway, I could have seen Josh’s choco­late milk mous­tache up close and in per­son. Look at that thing, it’s ludi­crous. Although I have to respect him for con­tin­u­ing to wear it for so long when it is so dis­gust­ing. He looks like an ema­ci­ated, 14-​year-​old Tom Skerritt. Or my uncle Paul circa 1972. It is not cute. But it truly makes him a Real Minnesotan, and I give him the thumbs up for that.

BuildingA cer­tain orga­ni­za­tion with the ini­tials ACT auto-​called us yes­ter­day and instructed us to report to the wrong polling place. This con­tin­ues to fill me with an intense rage. The kind of rage that forces me to con­tinue to eat left­over Halloween candy. Should I report them? Probably. I’ll fig­ure out how to do that even­tu­ally. I mean, idiots. IDIOTS. I’m com­pletely infu­ri­ated. It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to vote for Bush out of spite. (But I’m not going to.) (OR AM I?!?) (No I’m not.) Honestly. I’d be inter­ested to know what other reg­is­tered third-​party house­holds ACT is doing this to, you know? Can they even com­pre­hend the grav­ity of what they’re doing? Can I punch one of them in the throat? IDIOTS.
OK. I am going to back up and focus on that retarded mous­tache. It some­how gives me peace.

2 comments to Who you talk­ing to?

  • Oh Josh. He could auto-​call me any­time. Even with the mous­tache. ACT are idiots. PS I never even heard of them, oops. I am third party and no one calls me at all this time. All sorts used to call me to make me vote, or to ask me ques­tions. Giuliani used to auto-​call me for no rea­son some­times. I think Hillary Clinton did once too. What hap­pened? Maybe that was for local elec­tions only? And Chuck’s race is sup­posed to be in the bag, so I guess calls aren’t nec­es­sary. I don’t know, but I feel very left out. Maybe I should move.

  • Kim

    I guess they fig­ure that every­one in the city is vot­ing for the same thing? Whereas here it could go either way at any time. I don’t think I ever got calls a sin­gle time when I lived in NY. People just used to try to shake hands with me when I would go to the sub­way. And I’d see Jerry Nadler at Happy Burger.
    I wish Chuck would call you. He wants to check up and see how you are doing, I feel.