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Our silver-​tongued obses­sions come at us

The Kings are off to a blaz­ing 0–2 start after clos­ing out the pre­sea­son with a delight­ful 2–6 record, their worst show­ing since 1994. I miss Vlade. It kills me. I watched the game tonight and it was like, Let’s just give the Spurs 50 second-​chance points! Yay! I then tuned in to Lakers/​Jazz on the off chance that Vlade was there (nope, he’s still injured) and good­ness, peo­ple sure don’t like that Kobe fel­low.
I also caught a bit of Wizards/​Grizzlies, which gave me an idea for an impor­tant new fea­ture …

Hmm yes, it still ter­ri­fies. Michael Ruffin is actu­ally hold­ing a mir­ror there, see, which explains the look of hor­ror. So that’s what it looks like when I don’t touch up my roots, he thinks. I must rec­tify this imme­di­ately.
Jwill Bucks Preseason
In the mean­time, give it up for my creepy hair. What what!
I need some work so’s I can buy League Pass. They’re giv­ing me that free taste this week and I don’t think I can live with­out it.

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