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So beyond me

Why does Britney Spears keep try­ing to con­vince us of some­thing we will never, ever believe, no mat­ter how hard she tries?
How come the Associated Press can put up a graf like this, mean­while I’m not work­ing? At all?
Oh yes, work­ing. Remember how I told you about how I was wait­ing on a job back here? And wait­ing and wait­ing? Well, I called and left a mes­sage that day (October 29) and I still haven’t heard a thing. That was over a week ago. It’s now been over two weeks since the woman emailed me to say she had work for me. Maybe if she got fired? I’d be will­ing to guess that, but usu­ally peo­ple like that are the ones who keep their jobs for­ever and ever at that place.
I’m this­close to going back to retail. I hate the gen­eral pub­lic and all, but I never dealt with any­one this stu­pid when I was work­ing in a book­store. Plus you get a sweet employee dis­count. DWR just opened up a branch in Minneapolis, you know.

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  • Kim

    So Beyond Me” by Sloooooooooan

  • DWR! Yay! Retail is great (and “‘ is butt). They pay you on time, you get dis­counts, and you even meet fun cus­tomers some­times. Remember get­ting paid on time? Magic.
    Also, why would any­one marry some­one so dis­gust­ing? That is bad enough, BS (ooh, see). Don’t now try to con­vince us that he is not ugly. He is so ugly and gross. Only some­one who would walk into a gas sta­tion bath­room bare­foot can under­stand his appeal, clearly. PS that his poor chil­dren look like him. That is just wrong.