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Here’s some rock and some roller

Miller Nuggets 04 1114
Oh yes, my chil­dren. Kings are 3–4, two in a row over 1) creepy lizard man Steve Nash and the Suns and 2) the Nuggets (or the Nuggs, as they are known in this house for inex­plic­a­ble rea­sons). It all turns around NOW!
Last night saw the tri­umphant return of Smiley Laugh-​y Brad, and it was breath­tak­ing. Although I do so enjoy About to Beat Somebody’s Ass Brad. He has so much going for him. Oh! Also NBA-​TV got around to finally show­ing his ver­sion of the League Pass com­mer­cial, where he’s uncon­sciously rock­ing back and forth in his chair while he talks just like I do when I’m feel­ing espe­cially autis­tic. I’ll have to get that out of the DVR and into my com­puter one of these days. If they ever get around to show­ing it AGAIN, that is.
Also, how did the Grizzlies man­age to blow a 21-​point lead in the fourth quar­ter against the Sonics? Let’s find out with the help of


Jwill Sonics 04 1114
The bangs. My God, look at the bangs.

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