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Put them in there (Do not put them in there)

Miller Bulls 04 1116OK, so the Bulls were lead­ing by one at the half and that made me cry a lit­tle, but I should not have feared, because the Kings are now 4–4! 4–4! .500 baby! What would Jesus do? Connect on six of ten from down­town, that’s RIGHT, Mike Bibby! Tune in to ESPN on Friday when the Grizzlies meet the Kings! J-​Will Hair Watch 3000 col­lides with the Gargantuan Foxiness of B-​52! Caution, I sense SEXCAPADES may be afoot!
So tonight we did the karaōke. OMG what happened.

  • “Blue Morning, Blue Day” (Foreigner)
  • “No Matter What” (Badfinger)
  • “5:15″ (the Who)
I think it was a good show. Oh! Also a week ago there was a Gross-​Out Contest, not like there are actu­ally any win­ners picked or any­thing, but my choices were
  • “Shiny Happy People” (R.E.M.)
  • “Life in a Northern Town” (the Dream Academy)
Apparently peo­ple were present who were dis­ap­pointed by my sec­ond choice, but what­ever, dude, that song irks the liv­ing S out of me.
P.S., I have to be ter­ri­bly proud of myself because I had blanked “Shiny Happy People” out of my mind so com­pletely that I was left singing a totally back­wards atonal ver­sion of it that had no resem­blance to the orig­i­nal what­so­ever because I could not remem­ber it at all, and I was try­ing even. Of course after­ward it all sud­denly came rush­ing back to me so now I am cursed to have both my back­wards atonal ver­sion and the actual ver­sion of it run­ning through my head at all hours of the day. What was it, ten years with­out hav­ing that song pol­lut­ing my con­scious­ness? It was a good run.

4 comments to Put them in there (Do not put them in there)

  • Kim

    the “don’t put mar­bles in your nose” song from “Home Movies”

  • JK

    YES YES YES Life in a Northern Town was my most hated song for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS I’ll shove your Salvation Army band and your lemon­ade straight up your col­lec­tive pee­holes, Dream Academy

  • Yeah, what JK said! I was like 10 when it came out, so if I did like it I might under­stand, but I didn’t. I hated it. I think I hate it less now even. I don’t under­stand why peo­ple love it.
    Also, I am so curi­ous of this alter­nate “Shiny Happy People.” I was try­ing to see if I could remem­ber the real it, and I can. But I feel that this one is even better.

  • Kim

    I will sing it for you some­time, and you will be so sorry.