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Dirty metal in the speed of night

Karaōke on the big money Thursday night? Why yes of course.

  • “Never Gonna Give You Up” (Rick Astley)
  • “Thunder Road” (Bruce Springsteen)
Indeed I spanned the globe this evening. I also put in to do a reprise of “Xanadu” but the cards were against me since there were only about a ton of peo­ple there.
Also the other night I found an .avi of the time Shaq took a girly swing at the back of Brad Miller’s head. Drop it like it’s hot:
Miller Shaq Fight
movie opens in new win­dow
Our supermarket’s in the news, check it out: Shooting Victims Dumped at Two Metro Grocery Stores (KSTP​.com)
Other than that, I ain’t got nuthin’. KINGS GRIZZLIES TONIGHT OOH YEAH

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