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See, the boys and me mean business

What was uglier, the Pacers/​Pistons Brawl 4 All
Pacers Pistons Ohh No
Pacers Pistons Splatter
Pacers Pistons Longshot
or the Mavs uni­forms designed by P. Diddy?
Pee Diddy
Oh ho ho I kid. OR DO I?! Anyway, never in my life have I seen such bla­tant dis­re­spect for bev­er­ages and snack foods of all kinds. Poor Ron Artest. You could tell he was try­ing so, so hard to stay out of trou­ble, just like Gamera. And now I have infi­nite respect for Jermaine O’Neal after he com­pletely flew out of nowhere and duh-​ropped that guy who got onto the floor. Also enter­tain­ing was the stu­dio com­men­tary, where the pre­vail­ing atti­tude was that the fans were ask­ing to get pounded on extra-​hard (“Real men don’t attack from behind! What a shame­ful dis­play!”) until they remem­bered to think of The Children, which meant, of course, that the fans deserved to get pounded on for behav­ing like chick­eny girls in front of The Children. And you know, that’s logic I can agree with.
Now there’s noth­ing but “back … and to the left” cov­er­age on SportsCenter. Jeez, I rem­i­nisce about an NBA skir­mish of old and look what hap­pens.
All this got me so hopped up that I could barely con­cen­trate on the big Kings/​Grizzlies matchup I was PUMPED and GEEKED for. The game was fairly pre­dictable in that the Kings blew a 16-​point lead to a phe­nom­e­nal degree, but then the Grizzlies inevitably col­lapsed deep into the fourth quar­ter to give the Kings a two-​point win. So every­one was in their ele­ment, pretty much.
Brad had an unevent­ful night. Webber did the job for both of them. J-​Will, he had a pretty good night. Oh wait, that means it’s time to catch up with an ARCO Arena-​sized edi­tion of


Jwill Bibby 04 1119
Honestly? I thought it looked good tonight. It’s start­ing to look nat­ural to me. Now where’s my drink?

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