And a peetridge in a poop tree

I feel our lives are all the richer for hav­ing wel­comed “Nick & Jessica’s Family Christmas” into our home. We’re cel­e­brat­ing the tri­umphant return of 98º. Somewhere in America, G“ K“““ fever­ishly updates his con­tro­ver­sial report on the decline of the boy band phe­nom­e­non, cer­tain some­one will still pay him if he deliv­ers it three years late.
Jessica: “I wish I could sing with Bing Crosby.” Nick: “I’ll be Bing!” Nick starts BEATING HER. And then the ghostly vis­age of Bing appears behind them and he starts beat­ing them both. This show rules.
When exactly did the whole Victorian/​pioneer blouse come back in style? I anx­iously await the return of boat­neck sweaters with dol­man sleeves and shoul­der pads up to the ears.
For some rea­son, I felt it was impor­tant I take note of these things.

5 comments to And a peetridge in a poop tree

  • Oh man, did that Bing Crosby thing really hap­pen? Because that would be great. It would make me sorry to miss out, but happy it existed.
    G“ K“““! Ahahaha!

  • pieman

    I won­dered who was watch­ing this show. They cer­tainly pimped it enough while I was watch­ing “Lost” last night.

  • Kim

    Other than a non­vi­o­lent appear­ance of the Ghostly Visage, I’m afraid it didn’t hap­pen. I only imag­ined it. Or wished it.

  • I love Nick and Jessica so much. Their Family Christmas Special some­what dis­ap­pointed me, but the duet with Brian McKnight went about as well as could be expected, though 98º really shit all over my favorite Christmas song. Plus Jessica is sim­ply hilar­i­ous. She is so STUPID!! Ahahahaha.
    Sadly, I missed the Ashlee/​Jessica duet, which was most of the rea­son I was watch­ing to begin with, so Ashlee could quiet the naysay­ers with her phe­nom­e­nal vocal skills.

  • Kim

    All I remem­ber about the duet was that Ashlee was round­ing out her vow­els to a ludi­crious degree, and they both added a lot of extra syl­la­bles to the lyrics. I don’t even remem­ber what song they did even.
    The best part was that half the show was all bloop­ers. It would have been much bet­ter had it all been like this: