Look look look I made a thing!

So hey yeah I was invited to Timberwolves Media Day as a social media cor­re­spon­dent (DATELINE: MINNEAPOLIS!) for the sec­ond year in a row! I over­es­ti­mated the strength of my Flip cam­era recharge­able bat­tery last year so my video ended up all cat­ty­wam­pus, so THIS year, I made damn sure I brought like a zil­lion AAs with me and BAM, it all worked out great and stuff.

Among other ques­tions, I made sure to ask all avail­able gen­tle­men to describe their noto­ri­ously enig­matic Coach Rick Adelman in one word, and this is the result. I had never used iMovie before or uploaded any­thing to YouTube ever, so this was a big old labor of love and I had so much fun putting it together.

For the record, if any­one asked me that ques­tion my response would be “dreamy,” duh.

BONUS! Below is the orig­i­nal ver­sion I made uti­liz­ing a siz­zling hot Can jam which unfor­tu­nately alerted their pira­cy­bots that I was using third-​party audio and it ended up with these restric­tions and dumb ads and blah blah what­not. I couldn’t bear to take it down because that jam is just too hot. FEEL IT

TmykWould you believe I made and attempted to pub­lish another ver­sion in between these that got a warn­ing? I was like hmm, third-​party audio is a prob­lem, then I should rum­mage through my ter­ri­fy­ing stash of sweet pro­duc­tion music and dig up some PHAT LICKS and then fweeee it’ll go through no prob­lem. And I AGONIZED until I located some nasty KPM tracks and recut every­thing so it all synced up just so, la la la, and then it got flagged any­way. WHAT. KPM, you’re sim­ply too fancy I guess. I finally grabbed the deWolfe Heavy Truckin’ LP and was like OK FINE, JEEZ. The end.

Just remem­ber I love all of you and I look for­ward to being a lot more active at this here address. BYE FOR NOW

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