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IBTABA: It’s begin­ning to and back again

Ever since I went ahead and blew up the last iter­a­tion of—let’s blame men­tal exhaus­tion and gen­eral dis­in­ter­est in the stric­tures I’d laid out for myself for that, shall we—I won­dered when I might man­age to get my act together and get the dang thing back up and running.

Don’t get me wrong, blow­ing up ruby​trax​.com was an absolute joy. I was tired of Movable Type. Everything else I pub­lished was ancient and use­less. I des­per­ately craved a clean slate in more ways than one (please don’t ask me how my “career” is going) and mak­ing the whole site go POOF was a gen­uine thrill. I had one less thing to neglect on a daily basis. Just what I needed!

WELL. Before I knew it, a mul­ti­tude of Events That Would Normally Inspire a Post Frenzy had passed me by: NBA Media Day, Brad Miller’s SHOCKING drug sus­pen­sion, J-Will’s SHOCKING early retire­ment. Oh yeah, and my fifth wed­ding anniver­sary, let’s not for­get. I became intrigued with WordPress. I got itchy. I wanted to dink around with tem­plates and stylesheets I had no busi­ness mess­ing with and make some­thing that was free­balling free­wheel­ing enough to pre­vent me from feel­ing as though I’d coded myself into a cor­ner, cer­tainly before the next sea­son of Idol started. Let’s be real.

I have no idea if I can untether my brain once and for all, or if I can at least stop second-​guessing myself long enough to keep this place alive on a reg­u­lar basis. I really just want to stop allow­ing my job to be my entire life, but first things first. Wish me luck, eh?

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