Enrique Carrington-​Colby

I’m not a fan of Constant Comment tea but boy howdy am I ever a fan of Monitor con­stant com­menter Enrique Carrington-​Colby, now tak­ing his star turn with inci­sive and pas­sion­ate style critique:

OKPLEASE PLEASE PLEASE “clue-​me-​IN!!!!” .. cuz, when did it get “hot” for high-school[er]s to READTHE ECONOMIST” .. i mean.. 4-​serious~!??! [per­haps it was a first day of school “task” but I saw 3 … 3 [seniors] read­ing THE ECONOMIST and [in my head] was like.. REALLY? is that the “thing” to do!? .. i mean, MORE POWER TO THEM! ;] {me and my US Weekly} HA! .. but, that one took me for a loop!

Why doesn’t this man have his own blog? He is a delight. (The Monitor)

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