Minnesota Homicides Map

Our local Paper of Record, the Star Tribune, sure knows how to sat­isfy one’s curios­ity for who-​killed-​who around these parts. That’s right, you got an inter­ac­tive mur­der map comin’atcha!

This handy-​dandy homi­cide guide uti­lizes the magic of Google Maps Technology to tell y’all a lit­tle bit about all the whos, whats, whens, wheres, hows, and some­times whys (if jus­tice pre­vails!) some folks man­aged to go and get them­selves killed, com­plete with pic­tures of the vic­tims and the accused and links back to cov­er­age if you find your­self truly inspired to pur­sue The More You Know.

This is pre­cisely how I’d like to waste my time at work! Oh STrib, how you amaze me. (Star Tribune)

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