I’m never quite sure with you Castros.

F the hard-​luck sto­ries of tragedy and tri­umph and grief, of stand­ing up for the work­ing man and David Cook’s creepy les­bian face and that dude who appar­ently thinks he’s the only per­son who ever mar­ried a dead lady. All I care about tonight is being adopted by the Castro family.

Los Bros Castros

I have so missed hav­ing Jason in my life and I hope the AI gods real­ize they must keep Michael around if only for my men­tal well-​being. These young men are such a delight, I am com­pelled to tran­scribe the wis­dom they shared with us this evening.

[MC inter­view setup]
MC: My name is Michael Castro, I’m 20 years old—wait. [Counts on fin­gers] [unin­tel­li­gi­ble] OK! Ahh … help me out here, guys. Who knows?

[cut to MC and JC]
JC: I heard you’re pretty good at inter­views, just like me.

[cut to MC inter­view setup]
MC: My brother and I are dif­fer­ent because he’s more, like, girly, and I’m more not girly. Maybe we shouldn’t put that in there? Let’s try that again.

[cut to MC and JC with Ryan]

JC: You said I was girly?
MC: I didn’t mean that, you know, it just came out.
JC: What did you mean by that?
MC: I tried to explain it, like, ’cause you get all emo­tional when you sing and stuff.
JC: [Makes face at Ryan] I’m not girly. I’m not girly, c’mon! I’m a man.
MC: Y’know, like the emo­tional thing you do?
JC: Oh, the emo­tional thing.
MC: I tried to explain that. I don’t know if they got it.
JC: OK, so by “girly,” you mean I have emo­tions.
MC: Yeah.
JC: And I know how to express them well.
MC: If that’s what you want to call it!
JC: Some peo­ple call that an artist.

Priceless. Jason’s “I never heard him sing in real life!” after Michael’s audi­tion was also a treat. This fam­ily is pure magic.

There’s lit­tle else of note that hap­pened, other the rebirth of Sam Harris in a kicky hat:

Hit that high note, bitch! There was also a cheer­leader who looked like Maggie Gyllenhaal and somebody’s shut-​in grandma: “These are my crazy pills!” Bet she waited her whole life for the oppor­tu­nity to share that with a cam­era crew.

Doves’ “Black and White Town” played under the open­ing seg­ment. Interesting choice! An appar­ent reflec­tion of life in Kansas City, Missouri (or, as Simon would say, “Kansas”).

This dude had a hot look:

Aside from that, uh … nothing.

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