Matt Berry’s 4 Albums That Changed My Life

I was very, very lucky to stum­ble upon this work of genius on Mustard, because some­one there real­ized they were giv­ing away extreme awe­some­ness for free and yanked it pronto. Thankfully I grabbed it off Google Cache before it dis­ap­peared forever.

This is excerpted from an alleged “Matt Berry’s 10 Albums That Changed My Life” series run­ning in recent and future print Mustard issues. If there are in fact six more of these hid­den away in a vault, I am champ­ing at bits upon bits to read them. This small sam­ple is respon­si­ble for adding about a dozen delight­ful new phrases to my per­sonal ver­nac­u­lar. So DO take my word for it and CLOSE the deal!

I can safely say she shits all over the dead jazzman” is sim­ply too good to be believed. I give it a mil­lion stars!

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  • jane

    I think you need to be friends with this man. It is an emer­gency, and it will hap­pen. I vowed at 16 that I would be friends with [band] and look how great that turned out.