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Apparently the Gravatar Signup plu­gin for WordPress got bro­ken a while back, and I had no idea it didn’t work since I signed up for mine before installing it. (I think WP has since taken it off their plu­gin browser but I may be mis­taken. How did I find this thing, any­way? I don’t remember.)

BUT HEY GUESS WHAT. I grabbed the fixes from the com­ments and updated the script myself, like a big girl! One line was appar­ently jacked up and Chris fig­ured out the prob­lem in like two sec­onds and now it works!!! I feel so accom­plished! Go team me!!!

So try it and let me know if it fails you some­how. And if you use WP and want the plu­gin for your­self, e-​mail me and I will send it to you! Sharing is caring.

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  • Well, we’ll just see about THAT.

  • Jan 21 22:37:54 thez­ims sendmail[9899]: ruleset=check_relay, arg1=[], arg2=, relay=​postfix@​gravatar.​com [] (may be forged), reject=451 4.1.8 Possibly forged host­name for

    SO. We also had to whitelist the phony-​baloney host­name the Gravatar mail server is using (see above), but that would only affect peo­ple using CRZ​.net as a mail server. (All three of us.)

    If you never get a con­fir­ma­tion email from Gravatar, sign up for a gmail account and give it THAT address. I guess.

  • pieman

    Mr. Trax is a really smart dude.