French Horn Rebellion

I’m for­ever indebted to the delight­ful Graham Linehan (never thought I’d have occa­sion to write that sen­tence with­out stretch­ing the truth—thanks, Twitter!) for intro­duc­ing me to the also-​delightful French Horn Rebellion. “Up All Night” is a clas­sic both on its own and in video form and I don’t know how I’ve man­aged to live my life thus far with­out them. Imagine my sur­prise when 1) they ended up play­ing about five min­utes from my house ear­lier this month and 2) they were fantastic!

While this clip doesn’t con­vey the show­man­ship to which we were privy (which involved jump­ing into the audi­ence and danc­ing, innu­mer­able “1, 2, 1–2-3–4″ count­downs, hid­ing under tables, more danc­ing, flash­lights, shirt­less French horn solos, break­ing things, and danc­ing), it does give a sense of how down­right fun and adorable they are. They may be the house band inside my brain.

They’re also the friend­liest guys ever. We ended up talk­ing about Graham Linehan. The planet is now the size of a Superball.

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