Aloha ‘oe

Oh no, my Filipina sis­ters. What, was “AI” pre­empted in Hawaii or some­thing?
Yeah, I know she’s awful, and I did say the back­lash was going to be wicked this week if she didn’t bring it (and she didn’t) but man, I really wanted to see …
… this chimp go before she did. At least she wound up in the bot­tom three so that we could briefly enjoy a light waft­ing of the aroma of jus­tice.
A pair forged in the iron fur­nace of SATAN. I’m still not sur­prised they’re avoid­ing the bot­tom three. Girls, they love the fixer-​uppers and lost causes. And Satan’s always help­ful.
No ka oi! Keep bring­ing that Aloha spirit! Oh wait, she hasn’t. For WEEKS.
Which reminds me — while watch­ing that med­ley, I real­ized that this is the most dispir­ited, joy­less, robotic, ter­ri­fied, unhappy no-​fun group of peo­ple and it’s just a dread­ful hor­ror to watch them per­form together. While it’s true that almost all of them suck, that never stopped any­one in the other sea­sons from at least going out and hav­ing a good time, or at least look­ing like it. These group per­for­mances are just weak and sad and ghastly train wrecks. I love this show.

4 comments to Aloha ‘oe

  • Kim

    Aloha ‘Oe” (“Farewell to Thee”) by … just about any­body ever, I guess

  • pieman

    And why do they stretch this evic­tion show to an hour? My wife and I were say­ing the same thing about this tal­ent­less lot last night. Usually even when these peo­ple suck, they can put them all together and make it sound bear­able. They look like they’re head­ing for the elec­tric chair or some­thing. Dancing? Good lord, just make it stop. But I can’t stop watch­ing.… it’s like an acci­dent out­side your apart­ment win­dow, I guess. You gotta run and see what’s happening?

  • What, you wanted a NINETY minute “The Swan?”

  • pieman

    Don’t tell me you’re watch­ing “The Swan.” Are you?