Is it wicked not to care?

Donna Summer! What a gra­cious and largely close­mouthed judge. Sadly there were no gra­tu­itous pho­tos of Giorgio Moroder in the video pack­age, so here’s one we can all enjoy … together.
Yessss. Anyway, good call on revers­ing the order on the judges, because obvi­ously Simon’s always cut off by peo­ple boo­ing and scream­ing and Ryan being a big met­ro­sex­ual dork. And then it actu­ally gives Randy a chance to coher­ently gather his thoughts and make an occa­sional intel­li­gent com­ment! Although every­one was so way off this week, ugh. Anyway.
Oh poor poor Jasmine. I dunno if she’s gonna end up get­ting the cutey smi­ley Filipino revenge vote this week or what. She was ter­ri­ble! Doesn’t she know that they always hate “Everlasting Love” every time any­one does it?! She doesn’t know her “AI” his­tory, that’s gonna cost her. Actually I didn’t think “It’s Raining Men” was all that bad. OK, it was bad, but not Diana bad. After Simon told Jasmine she had no busi­ness doing a Weather Girls song, I could just see him adding “… but Jennifer could have got­ten away with it” in his head. RACISM! LOOKISM! Etc. So any­way, when she went all weepy at the end of her sec­ond song, Christopher drew a very astute com­par­i­son to Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and now I won’t feel so bad if she gets canned. Mahalo!
You know I love me some Jim Steinman but even I have to be a lit­tle con­cerned about that sec­ond song choice there, because 1984 is not a func­tional disco year. 1988, sure. 2003, no prob­lem. But I think 1984 is in a hands-​off anti-​disco vac­uum zone, like it just seemed wrong, while “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” makes per­fect sense for big band night, you know? Eh. Anyway, she was pretty good, what­ever, I’m hav­ing a hard time really car­ing about any­one on this show any­more.
I’m sleepy. And hey guess what, I thought she was worse on the sec­ond song because she was try­ing too hard to be “excit­ing” as if mim­ic­k­ing other con­tes­tants’ dance moves would make her more excit­ing, and plus she got shrieky! And it wasn’t cute. Ugh. Speaking of not cute …
Have you seen Brazil? Because it was all I could think of dur­ing the entire show, right?
brazil onebrazil two
Exactly. I hate that this is like all inge­niously timed for her to have a strong week because ever since her first per­for­mance in the Group One show, it’s obvi­ous that she’s best at singing cheesy disco crap. Which is not to say that “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” is cheesy disco crap because it’s not, it’s a breath­tak­ing work of genius, which is all the more rea­son to hate her even more? Obviously. NOW IT’S PERSONAL

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