When I’m bad I’m so, so bad

Well holy moly, isn’t that just some­thing. I mean, it’s one thing when Donna Summer comes out, hav­ing done noth­ing impact­ful since “This Time I Know It’s for Real,” I guess, and she totally puts every sin­gle per­son on this show to shame times a gazil­lion. Then, there’s the hilar­ity of Clay singing Earth, Wind & Fire and wear­ing glasses again as if try­ing to win me over (he didn’t) and yet still man­ag­ing to over­shadow every­one (other than Donna Summer) with his Peter Allen: Lover, Raconteur, Showman rou­tine?! I guess it’s appro­pri­ate for a Studio 54-​era extrav­a­ganza, but it made me won­der only one thing: Am I pos­sessed with MADNESS?! And then, there’s the actual com­pe­ti­tion. RACISM
Zzzzzzz. Oh, but my poor hus­band is dev­as­tated, and he’s boy­cotting the rest of the show. (He’ll be back.) I’m sur­prised because out of Fantasia and LaToya I really was cer­tain that Fantasia was headed out because LaToya appeals to that whole mid­dle of the road snorey … borefest … milieu, or some­thing, but I guess peo­ple just maybe didn’t like her hair? I don’t know, I don’t care, but I’m still watch­ing. We’re all win­ners, peo­ple. Now here’s a lit­tle some­thing to cheer up my poor dev­as­tated hus­band. I’ll try and find an out­fit just like it, I promise.
You know that’s John IV next to her! You know it!!!
Holy crap, Jasmine Lopez-​Fitzgerald, it worked out for her after all. Isn’t she a gra­cious win­ner? (She’s not.) Um … I have noth­ing else to say here.
Why Lord, why. I’m fine with LaToya leav­ing, I’m fine with Jasmine stay­ing, but this is so wrong. And Jesus, what was she wear­ing? It looked like a women’s prison out­fit from a Matthew Barney movie. Not in a good way.
Yeah, OK, great. I hope you win? I guess?
This is a crazy mess of a final three. LaToya/​Fantasia/​Jasmine, I’d give that busi­ness the seal of approval, but this is like a gigan­tic dis­as­ter wait­ing to hap­pen. How excit­ing! (It’s not.)

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