So ghee-​allantly streeeaming

Oh my God, the Tamyra Gray ren­di­tion of “The Star-​Spangled Banner” is about the most grotesque, hilar­i­ous thing I have ever heard, ever. Oh my God.

2 comments to So ghee-​allantly streeeaming

  • Oh man, that was awful. !!! Ahahaha. Oh. Yeah, so between that and Jennifer Hudson’s chan­nel­ing of Paul Robeson, I was think­ing, “That’s right you both got voted off. America is full of geniuses.” It’s a strong state­ment, but I stand behind it.

  • Kim

    Ahahahahaha!!! Paul Robeson, oh my God, that’s exactly what it was. Thank you, Jane, for clear­ing that up out of the cob­webs of my consciousness.