The hurt is over

A moooooo­ment like this
Love keeps lift­ing me hii­i­i­igher
and all those spe­cial … thi­i­ings … ?
for that one … spe­cial …
I belieeeeeve, oooh
I can’t believe it’s hap­pen­ing to meeeee

Tamyra Gray’s new CD is in stores now!
I never lii­i­i­ived before your loooove
Some peo­ple waaaaaait a life­time
Love keeps lift­ing me hii­i­i­i­igher
I’m fly­yyyy­ing with­out wings
Higher higher higher higher! Higher!!!
Yeah you heard me!
Yeah yeah yeah-​yeah yeah-​yeah yeah

What a spe­cial evening. A spe­cial evening for spe­cial peo­ple. I am still reel­ing from Tamyra’s ren­di­tion of Our National Anthem. Was it 20 min­utes long? I think it was. I think it was 20 min­utes long. And it just got more and more ghastly as it went on. It was awe-​inspiring. Good choice for pro­mot­ing the album, I give that a thumbs-​up. I was excited to see Camile and Leah again because I am a sick, hor­ri­ble per­son. George was wear­ing a neck­er­chief. I sus­pect Kelly had her nose done. I’m sure other things hap­pened. Oh yes! The duet of “I Knew You Were Waiting for Me,” of course. What.
One touch and you set me freeeee
I like to think that the happy-​go-​lucky ghost of Peter Allen came down and kicked Diana in the pants on Tuesday to make her screw up the key change on “Don’t Cry Out Loud” so roy­ally. Then I got scared that every­one would feel sorry for her so I actu­ally texted some votes for Fantasia, thereby break­ing my promise. Oh Blogue, I reveal all my dark­est secrets to you. But it was only five, I think, cer­tainly not enough to go over my free text limit. I fig­ured if Diana won, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself know­ing that I didn’t do my part to vote for the bet­ter woman. And the bet­ter woman won. Which is … about all you could say for it? Yeah. AND I’D DO IT AGAIN. TAKE THAT OSAMA BIN LADEN
You know, with the crazy (for AI) stuff she was throw­ing out there, like the Queen and the Michel Legrand and the Bonnie Tyler, Clive Davis would be smart to hook Fantasia up with Richard X or some­thing and see what hap­pens, but we all know he’s a creepy old man who would sooner F the whole thing up with Babyface or some crap. Why am I even putting any thought into this? Surely I’ve gone com­pletely mad. P.S., I just remem­bered that Richard X is pro­duc­ing stuff for P. Diddy’s “elec­tro” album. In other news, the world is end­ing.
Anyway, I think the best part of the whole series was on Tuesday, when one of the Fantasia guys in the audi­ence was wear­ing a Kings throw­back warmup and Christopher was all like “Ooh, can I vote for him?” That pretty much says it all.

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