Lose the beard

Holy shit. Tell me Simon did not just say that!
You know who I love? KENNY. Kenny is truth. Kenny likes the young ladies! He likes these young ladies … a lot. Remember when he got in trou­ble for lik­ing those young ladies … a lit­tle too much a lot? Oh, that Kenny.
Kenny disses this man. YES. KENNY IS TRUTH. I now call this man Captain Panders. Please take him home, coun­try roads.

I wasn’t feel­ing it but she’s a cute lady.

This dude still rules. I was hop­ing maybe for some badass Jerry Reed-​ery but I’ll take this. Kenny knows from mak­ing peo­ple cry!

Ohh, it’s “how do I leave with­out you.” And here I’ve had it wrong all this time.

Kenny likes this guy. Kenny likes the young ladies! I’m sorry, Kenny, you lost me with this one, though you are still the mack and I’ll have to for­give you after I let you off pro­ba­tion. UGH. This guy. F this guy.

I should just be happy that in this day and age there are peo­ple who will actu­ally get up and sing “Fancy” like it is their life story. Why does she always clomp around joy­lessly march­ing in time to what­ever she’s singing? Has she always done that? She needs to stop doing that. Although I guess it’s either that or squat­ting in place.

Significantly less shitty, but I want him to STOP STARING at me. Creepy

Apparently, we are are bring­ing out the Elvis in her. I can’t stand her muggy faces any­more. YOU DON’T LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC, JUST SAY IT oh and you do? Shut up.

OK, Mumbles. It sounds like kind of a cool song, though, except for all­lll that mum­blin’.

I still can’t get over “lose the beard,” though. I feel like the entire show existed just for that.

2 comments to Lose the beard

  • Mandisa is adorable and she is still my girl but I have been feel­ing very bleh about her per­for­mances in recent weeks. Lady could have torn the roof off of “She Believes in Me.” Why fight it?

  • I am liv­ing for the time when you review the cur­rent show, because I need to be sure that Paula Abdul really did just say that Chris Daughtry (in his worst per­for­mance yet) is a bet­ter singer than Freddie Mercury.