Blow it out your box

Paula’s bosoms are way boing­ing out tonight.
Ai07 Stephanie
So cute, loved her, blah blah OK.

Ai07 Amy
Oh good, let’s get one of those Bonnie Raitt songs I can’t bear hear­ing out of the way. I look for­ward to “Something to Talk About,” no I don’t actu­ally. She was bor­ing and I’m tired of this song and snore.

Ai07 Leslie
Cute out­fit. She annoys me. “Oh look at me dance like a goof, isn’t it funny,” oh no it’s not. Maybe she has an OK voice but this was awful. “A REEEEEAL WOMAN!” What the hell?

Ai07 Sabrina
When she intro­duced her­self as a “pro­fes­sional singer” I fell out laugh­ing but then she started singing and I guess OK, she’s OK. Also she looks 54 and her out­fit scared me.

Ai07 Antonella
Is this a joke? She is a hor­ror. Can they go back and switch her out with the one they paired her with and cut at the end of the audi­tion round? Please? Because I think I remem­ber she was good and cute. “What can I do bet­ter,” oh shut up, please leave.

Ai07 Jordin
Aww, she’s cute. She can sing a Tracy Chapman song and I don’t hate it. No more dresses over jeans please.

Ai07 Nicole
Paging Kristen Wiig. What the … what. What just hap­pened. I think my brain broke.

Ai07 Haley
This is some Disney car­toon singing. You don’t do Jim Steinman with a SMILE. Bleah.

Ai07 Melinda
I guess it’s an Arethathon tonight. Aww she’s cute though. Teeths are a lit­tle scary but I like her.

Ai07 Alaina
She’s all cute and I wanted to like her but ugh. At least she did a Pretenders song that wasn’t “I’ll Stand by You.” I get the feel­ing she doesn’t know what half the lyrics actu­ally mean though.

Ai07 Gina
Oh, that out­fit. Ack. I like her and I don’t know why. I guess she’s OK? Ugh, that out­fit though.

Ai07 Lakisha
No more “sex faces” please. And I am telling you I am tired of hear­ing this song. I loved see­ing AJ put some zest on it though.

I have the feel­ing the high­light of every show this sea­son is going to involve AJ and zest. As long as he sticks around. Sigh. I miss Elliott.

1 comment to Blow it out your box

  • pieman

    I also stated to my wife dur­ing the show that your “Disney singer” would be just great on a Disney Cruise!
    And there’s no way she no what the lyrics to “Brass in Pocket” meant. No way.