Butcher can’t blake it worth

I’m drunk, let’s get this over with. Chris: “You really gotta suck to get out in this round.” Yes. YES.
Paula is wear­ing some “Rush Rush” set cos­tume left­overs tonight.
OMG this sea­son we have spe­cial guest helpers Jennifer Lopez and LULU?! And her for­mer brother-​in-​law The Barry Gibb Talk Show?! I’m psyyyyyy­ched.
I love that they do an Up With People musi­cal num­ber tonight. They did not do enough of these last year.
Fast for­ward fast for­ward fast for­ward DON’T KEEP THIS DUDE WHO SUCKS UGH I HATE AMERICA fast for­ward fast for­ward
Ai07 Paul
He’s wear­ing shoes tonight, right? OMG he already packed it in and com­pro­mised his integrity and lost his muse. He brought this upon him­self.

Fast for­ward fast for­ward fast for­ward UGH DON’T KEEP THAT ONE GIRL WHO SUCKS UGH fast for­ward
Ai07 Amy
Uh … no big loss. That’s what singing those crappy ass Bonnie Raitt songs will get you.

Ai07 Nicole
I was hop­ing they were going to swerve us and send this piece of garbage home instead but nah. Well if all I have to remem­ber you by is this crazy cracked-​out Erykah Badu impres­sion, then by God it was all worth it. This blog entry is titled in your honor with some of the few words I could under­stand dur­ing your per­for­mance. Go get it sis­ter!

Ai07 Rudy
Aww Rudy. I enjoyed the other dudes giv­ing him death stares when Paula gave him the big ups. GO RUDY. YOU THE MAN. You were ter­ri­ble, but you were my kind of ter­ri­ble. And I, too, am just thank­ful for this expe­ri­ence.

P.S. I always love the “mem­o­ries” pack­ages for the peo­ple who didn’t last past the first episode. Hey, remem­ber when they walked through the dou­ble doors at the con­ven­tion cen­ter? I loved that!

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