It’s the love you give America that really counts

I know there’s sup­posed to be two com­mas in there, but that’s not how Ryan read it!
Paula is bring­ing a lit­tle Anita Morris tonight. Interesting choice.
Ahh, Up with People deliv­ers joy to the world. I don’t want any of these dudes to make sweet lunch for me. You know A.J. loves the ladies! I believe that was a shoutout. Holy shit, Phil wears a hat. This is my night, I can feel it.
When this one sings, she looks like some­one lip­sync­ing who also has no idea how to actu­ally sing, like an exag­ger­ated singing ges­ture that has no con­nec­tion to the real world. It’s really dis­turb­ing. I can’t believe she can actu­ally make sounds when her face is all stilted. It’s creepy! I hope after tonight we don’t have to see it again.
Drop the bomb, it’s party time.
Ai07 Nick
Aww Nick. You weren’t the worst, but chicks can’t give you pity votes when you show off your girl­friend. That is some­thing you all know, it isn’t such a new thing, it started long ago.

Ai07 Alaina
Hmm. Well, there’s some­one with an atti­tude prob­lem. I can­not feel upset for her. OH, MY-​GOD, the Raw Emotion of Big Dump has totally redeemed this entire enter­prise. YES! WEEP FOR HER, BIG DUMP! WIPE YOUR FAT TEARS FOR THE CAMERA! If only I had screen­cap power. I am sure some will show up soon enough.

Ai07 Aj
Kellie has been, uh, eat­ing well. Chris: “But is she smarter than a fifth grader?” Time has not been kind, oof. Her face is toe up. Chris asks if I remem­ber when they (they?) hid Faith Hill in the rain to cover up how old she is. I don’t recall this or even know what he’s talk­ing about, but I believe it hap­pened. The terms “heroic under­gar­ments” and “lift­ing and sep­a­rat­ing” come up. Look, a com­mer­cial!

Ai07 Aj
Oh, I quit this bitch. Whatever. AJ IS BETTER THAN THIS SHOW. He and Rudy need to take it on the road. America Ain’t Ready ’07!

Ai07 Leslie
There’s an anti­cli­max. I guess a new dawn, a new day and a new life aren’t good luck for any­body.

I sup­pose they all had to go sooner or later. After all, I really don’t care about any of these peo­ple, right?

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