The more things stay the same, the more they stay the same

Some of these dudes look really pissed off, like they know some­thing already. Hmm.
Aha, per­haps it’s because their Up With People selec­tion is “Stuck in the MIddle With You.” Hahaha. Clowns and jok­ers. Ahahahaha. Ohhhh these pro­duc­ers are so cruel. I love it. Also, every­one sounds hor­ri­ble, which is why all must rec­og­nize that Gerry Rafferty is a GENIUS. Frankie Muniz Fs up the words! The influ­ence of the hula is all too appar­ent on Sanjaya’s dance moves. MAKE IT STOP. Oh good it’s over.
I’m glad I’m not watch­ing this live so I can zip through Carrie Underwood. I mean she’s fine and every­thing but Zzzz.
Blake: “First time reg­gae on American Idol. It feels so good.” WTF. That is quote of the year mate­r­ial. I don’t need to explain why. Now would some­one PLEASE RUN THIS MAN OVER WITH A TRUCK
Let’s dim the lights and get sexy, kids!
Ai07 Jared
Aww, smoove, the jour­ney ends here. You always gave me some­thing worth quot­ing, and I will miss that. I rub my face in your honor.

I really want to do this con­test but give the wrong answers just to see if I get a mes­sage back say­ing, “Sorry, you’re retarded.“
Fast for­ward but­ton, take the wheel
Hahaha, Ryan said “Stephanie” and Sundance started stand­ing up. Dude can’t hear right!
Ai07 Antonella
Thank you AI for prov­ing me wrong as I did think bring­ing this one up with Stephanie would have the oppo­site result. Although it sucks that they had to make Stephanie’s trip to the LUCKY ACRYLIC STOOLS be a “bum­mer.” If Antonella did noth­ing else for me, at least she inad­ver­tently pro­vided me with the entry title up there. She’s a thinker!

Ai07 Sabrina
Does some­one have a screen­grab of when she found out Haley made it in over her? Someone? Please? Because damn. I mean I know that’s an ugly call but DAMN. Not even I suck my teeth like that. I’m with you, lady. Hold on tight and don’t let go, Sabrina!

Ai07 Sundance
Big DUMPED. “No dis­re­spect to Sanjaya, but … ” OK, OK, OK, did any­one doubt that this one was going when it was down to those two? I mean, the rea­son is OBVIOUS. I can’t believe it’s a sur­prise to peo­ple why Sanjaya sticks around. You know what I mean, right? Right? You’re smart, of course you do.

Watching the good­bye pack­age, I real­ize I’m actu­ally gonna miss Jared. The hell? You touched my heart, smoove.
OK, who’s left and how do I feel about them? I KNOW YOU ARE DYING TO KNOW.
Ai07 Melinda
Ai07 Gina
Love-​Hate Relationship
Ai07 PhilAi07 Chris
Can Live With
Ai07 StephanieAi07 JordinAi07 Lakisha
You Had Your Chance
Ai07 BrandonAi07 Chriss
Ai07 BlakeAi07 SanjayaAi07 Haley
Bleak. At least that “British Beat” spe­cial is on PBS right now so I can go watch REAL POP STARS and CRY. Then I’ll watch the Kings on TNT and cry some more.

2 comments to The more things stay the same, the more they stay the same

  • pieman

    Well, you were right about the Kings any­way.
    I thought Sabrina might punch Haley! I’m sure she was think­ing “Don’t be hug­ging me, bitch!“
    As for your rat­ings for the 12 — I am good except I kinda like Chris Sligh. Not a lot, but some. And Blake. Blake. I like Blake. Don’t know why. It’s like a car­wreck and I’m watch­ing the gore.
    Other than that. Spot on, as Simon would say.

  • Kim

    Blake needs to die for that shirt he was wear­ing alone.
    Chris S. takes too many Jesus pills. I mean I love Jesus and every­thing, but enough with the Songs 4 Worship. I could sing of your loooooooove forever