Here to straighten him out

OK OK, so I had class, right, and then when I got home, I dis­cov­ered Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story was on VH1. I totally for­got this existed. Wallace Langham as Don Kirshner? Casting bril­liance.
One of these peo­ple is going home! The look on Jordin’s face says, “It’s not me!“
I still can’t over Sanjaya’s hair. It’s like the sweet­est hang­over; I don’t wanna get over.
Up With People presents a trib­ute to Diana Ross. STOP! Gina looks like she gained that 15 pounds back. Phil seri­ously does look like Nosferatu in a track jacket. Ooh, chills!
I’ve missed the AI-​Ford music videos so much. I’m not lying. It’s like a vast psy­choe­mo­tional void is being filled for me right now. Life is beau­ti­ful again! I can smell col­ors! I read the title “Float On” and I think YES! CANCER, AND MY NAME IS LARRY. But sadly, it is Modest Mouse and I weep for what could have been. Are LaKisha and Melinda sup­posed to be hook­ers? Look!
I’m wor­ried about Stephanie. She has the best fash­ion sense out of any­one on this show, so clearly she’s doomed.
Miss Ross lit­er­ally teeters out to sing “More Today Than Yesterday,” and I think I may make her my new per­sonal old lady hero. It’s like Angie Dickinson on “Celebrity Poker Showdown” all over again.* I wish she had some gay dancers (OK, make that Juul Haalmeyer Dancers) to han­dle her mas­sive tulle-​chiffon-​boa-​thing. She can’t just leave that thing lay­ing on the floor!
The bot­tom three:
Ai07 BrandonAi07 PhilAi07 Sanjaya
I’m rarely sur­prised when they get to this point, but I’m seri­ously sur­prised by this. Not sur­prised about Brandon, though. And guess who’s going home?
Ai07 Brandon
Annnnnd the DVR cuts out in the mid­dle of his good­bye pack­age. Oh well. I’m sure he went out grace­fully. He’s a classy dude. And by classy, I mean bor­ing! (Yeah yeah, and classy. Nice enough guy and all. And by nice, I mean bor­ing! AHH MAKE IT STOP)

Phil and Sanjaya clearly need one word of advice for next week: hats.
*I’m exag­ger­at­ing. Nothing could ever top Angie Dickinson on “Celebrity Poker Showdown.”

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